How to improve your health with nutritional counseling

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Food is fuel for the body. But are you fueling your body with the RIGHT foods?

How to improve your health with nutritional counseling At Summit Healthcare, our professionals can help improve a patient’s nutrition with nutritional counseling. Good nutrition is key to a healthy body and increased longevity of life. By eating a balanced diet and taking care of your body, you can extend your lifespan while increasing energy and overall health. Today’s adults often lead unhealthy lifestyles by eating all the wrong foods and living more sedentary lifestyles than the generation before them. Because of this, many patients deal with nutrition-related issues such as obesity and diabetes. By working with a nutritional counselor, men and women can learn more about the vitamins and minerals their body needs to function at its best!

Why should I change my diet?

Eating habits can be hard to change. Fortunately, there many ways to improve nutritional intake while avoiding fad diets and processed diet foods. With a nutritional counselor, patients can evaluate their current diet and determine the areas that need improvement.

What should I do before I start working with a dietician at Summit Healthcare?

We encourage patients to keep a notebook and track their food intake for several weeks. This includes tracking what you eat and drink during a routine day. Our dieticians can then evaluate your eating habits and make suggestions for increasing fruits and vegetables, ensuring enough vitamins and minerals are consumed, and focus on improving how many high-fiber, whole grain foods are included in daily intake. We can also find the weak points of your current diet and make recommendations for health food swaps. Our team may also make suggestions in terms of food preparation. This may include grilling or baking meats instead of frying them, and swapping out steamed veggies for sides high in carbohydrates. Each diet plan is tailored to the patient’s unique needs and the nutrients they need to function every day.

Start learning more about developing a nutritional diet that works for you!

At Summit Healthcare, we are pleased to provide patients in the community with nutritional counseling to help them fuel their body with healthy foods! If you are interested in having your current health evaluated and discussing your dietary needs with a professional, we welcome you to request an appointment with a nutritional dietician by calling (928) 537-4375. We have four convenient locations open to new patients seeking a better quality of life through diet and nutrition.

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