IV Therapy: A Simple Solution to Dehydration

IV therapy The water flowing constantly through your body helps with innumerable bodily functions that are fundamental to your continued health. As you can imagine, dehydration of any kind can put these functions in jeopardy of inefficiency or outright failure in more severe cases. But with IV therapy, dehydration caused by a variety of circumstances can be remedied with ease.

The Symptoms of Dehydration

Dehydration can bring about far worse symptoms than just chapped lips and a parched tongue. In more minimal cases of dehydration, people often experience:

  • Continuous headaches
  • Increased levels of thirst
  • Vertigo or general dizziness
  • An elevated heart rate and rapid breathing

And in more severe cases, dehydration can cause:

  • Debilitating dizziness and confusion
  • An unsafely high heart rate
  • Intense lethargy
  • Seizures
  • A fever

How IV Therapy Can Help

Though there are two types of IV therapy available—IV infusion and IV push—IV infusion is the go-to solution for treating dehydration. An IV infusion for dehydration involves administering a rehydration solution over time, allowing your body to rehydrate itself naturally with a bit of help. This can be done in two ways:

  • A drip infusion: This allows gravity to naturally draw the hydration solution out of the IV bag, through the catheter, and into your body.
  • A pump infusion: This works by pushing through the hydration solution at a precisely controlled speed and dosage determined by your unique needs.

What Makes It So Effective?

IV therapy is effective first and foremost because it is scalable. Whether you find yourself with a persistent headache from a minor case of continual dehydration or in need of deep, thorough rehydration after a hydration-related seizure, IV therapy can help.

Moreover, it is safer and far quicker at remedying dehydration than simply consuming water or some other liquid. This is because IV lines bypass the stomach and feed the solution directly into your bloodstream. Likewise, this relieves the pressure placed on the digestive and detoxifying systems of your body.

Effective IV Therapy in Arizona

So, if you or someone you know is in need of IV therapy for dehydration, you can always contact the doctors here at Summit Healthcare by phone at 928-537-6829. With offices located throughout the greater Show Low, AZ, area, help may be just around the corner.

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