How Physical Therapy Can Help You After Surgery

Physical Therapy Surgical procedures can be tasking on the body, and many complications such as scar tissue build can form after a surgical procedure. This can limit your mobility and hinder your full range of movement. If this is left untreated, it can potentially permanently limit your mobility. Physical therapy helps break down scar tissue and improve mobility and strength. Here is how physical therapy can help you after surgery.

Physical Therapy Heals

Physical therapy is detrimental to the healing process. During physical therapy, you can expect to undergo a series of exercises and stretches that help strengthen the body, break down scar tissues, and increase mobility. These exercises can also improve balance, and range of motion. Treatment and exercise are done to specifically focus on the area in which a surgical procedure was done.

Physical therapy also helps to speed up the recovery period following a surgical procedure. Your physical therapist will also address issues such as possible scar tissue build-up from the incision, as well as treat your muscles and tissue using special tools and techniques. This can help ease pain, stiffness, and discomfort that can come after a surgical procedure.

At-Home Exercise Programs

Not only will the physical therapist (PT) help you become stronger and more mobile in the clinic, but your physical therapist will also give you at-home exercise programs to follow and do, as this will help speed up the recovery process. If instructions are not clear, make sure to ask your PT so that they can clarify it for you.

Continue The Progress

Once you’ve finished with your physical therapy and you’ve reached your desired level of mobility, strength, balance, and so forth, you’ll want to continue to build on all the progress you’ve made. Continuing to follow the exercise programs can help you become even healthier and fit, and solve issues of pain and lack of mobility you might have been feeling prior.

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