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Plastic Surgery Close to HomeLIFE IS TOO SHORT to not love your body and yourself. Plastic surgery can help you do both.

For a woman who has had a mastectomy for breast cancer, breast reconstruction is an important part of emotional healing after the fight of her life. A woman who has plastic surgery to make a burn scar on her arm less visible may find life—not to mention her wardrobe—full of new possibilities. A mommy makeover can help a new mother feel restored, refreshed and looking her best after childbirth.

Plastic surgery can allow a child with a cleft palate to speak and eat normally. In short, plastic surgery improves lives in myriad ways. People don’t have to leave the White Mountain community to find this important branch of medicine.


J. Brian Olack, M.D., FACS, board-certified plastic surgeon at Summit Healthcare, offers a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services. He tailors care to fit each patient’s goals and health status.

“One of Dr. Olack’s specialties is breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery,” says Katrina Lynch, MPAS, PA-C, dermatology physician assistant at Summit Healthcare. Katrina works in conjunction with Dr. Olack to provide certain plastic surgery services. “He spends a lot of time talking with patients about their options, such as implants and tissue transfer. He’s genuine, empathetic, and caring. Going through breast cancer is a traumatic experience for women. Dr. Olack makes the reconstruction process as easy as possible for them.”

Dr. Olack’s other services include:

body procedures, such as tummy tuck and liposuction

breast augmentation, lift, and reduction

facial procedures, including face lifts, neck lifts, brow lifts, nose reshaping, and Botox® injections

general reconstructive plastic surgery, such as wound care

laser resurfacing and hair removal

pediatric plastic surgery, such as cleft-lip and cleft-palate repair

scar revision

skin cancer resection


Having aesthetic or reconstructive plastic surgery in Phoenix or Flagstaff isn’t easy. You have to plan everything carefully and put up with the hassle of driving for hours. If the procedure requires a postoperative hospital stay, you have to deal with the expense of overnight accommodations for loved ones and the stress of being far from home.

“Patients can find anything here they could find in other plastic surgery centers,” Lynch says. “The convenience of having a plastic surgery procedure at Summit Healthcare is only part of the story. Every procedure requires follow-up appointments, and patients love not having to leave the White Mountain community for these.”

If you’re considering plastic surgery, start the conversation by visiting to schedule an appointment with Summit Healthcare’s plastic surgery team.
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