Which Sports Cause the Most Visits to the Emergency Room?

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Occupational Health Services | Summit Healthcare | Show Low AZSome parents are more cautious than others when it comes to healthy eating and trying new things, but that’s not us. Generally, we’re pretty much on board when it comes to letting kids try new activities, whether it’s art, music, or sports. Many children’s activities have many great benefits. Art and music encourage our kids to stay creative and can help them feel empowered. Sports nurture ideas about responsibility and teamwork.

But before we get too far, we want to know the safety risks of these activities. Nobody wants to see their child riding a skateboard without a helmet, so it follows that we want to know the risks of other activities, and how best to keep our kids safe.

Keep reading to learn more about the safety of some of the most popular kids’ sports.

Team Sports

We’ve been following closely some of the stories coming out of the professional football world. Some of the studies and tests performed on NFL players have encouraged us to learn more about brain injuries and how to prevent them. But it shouldn’t stop there. Sports for people of all ages should routinely be analyzed to determine levels of health, and where safety improvements could be made.

Studies show that team sports can absolutely cause injuries in kids, too. Football injuries sent 215,000 kids to the hospital between 2011-12, while basketball sent 170,000 kids to the hospital emergency room during the same time period.

Extreme Sports

The rise of extreme sports like skateboarding and biking has also been linked to more hospital room visits. Between 2011-12, 200,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 14 came to the emergency room for bicycle-related injury treatment. Skateboarding lead to 66,000 kids going to the emergency room, and rollerblading injuries accounted for more than 47,000 kids visiting the emergency room between 2011 and 2012.

Common Injuries

So, what kind of injuries are most common when it comes to kids? Thankfully, the most common injuries when it comes to youth sports are less scary than what you may have read. But just because we can imagine the worst, doesn’t mean that these injuries aren’t still serious. Wearing safety gear and listening to coaches will help keep your kids safe, so encourage them to focus on safety. The top injuries that lead to hospital room visits were:

  1. Strains/Sprains
  2. Fractures
  3. Bruising
  4. Concussion

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Keep your kids safe by choosing sports and activities that best suit their skills. Also, if your child does get injured while playing sports, please bring them in for a appointment and treatment, which may prevent complications and further injury.

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