When should I consider shoulder replacement?

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When should I consider shoulder replacement? There are conditions that may impact an individual’s ability to move and function at their best. When patients have experienced problems with their shoulder, they may be worried about the point at which they need to consider surgical treatment. Men and women of Show Low, AZ who are dealing with shoulder pain may want to ask the doctors at Summit Healthcare Orthopedic Center to decide the best time to consider shoulder replacement.

What is the shoulder replacement surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons recommend patients with continual issues with their shoulder joint to consider the advantages of undergoing shoulder replacement surgery. This may be due to arthritis or an injury to the shoulder area. Shoulder replacement surgery is an invasive procedure, but patients should consult with their doctor to decide if they are a good candidate.

What can be done to avoid shoulder replacement surgery?

When a problem exists in the shoulder bone and joint, it is essential that patients weigh their options, especially when it comes to noninvasive solutions. Our team may suggest a more conservative option for patients before they consider surgical treatments. In lieu of surgery, patients may consider the use of pain medications or physical therapy. Some conditions may still not respond to treatment, and if patients are in considerable pain every day, they may be a good fit for undergoing shoulder replacement surgery.

What can I expect for recovery from shoulder replacement surgery?

In most cases, patients will want to arrange extensive time off of work and other activities to help their body heal after surgery. Patients will want to maintain physical activity, as this can facilitate faster healing and recovery. Our physical therapists can educate patients on the movements they can and should do to keep their joint from locking and becoming stiff. Movement is a critical part of recovery. When patients have fully healed, they are often excited to find that they have a better range of motion than they did before, and that movements do not result in pain as they may have experienced prior to treatment.

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