Diagnostic Imaging

Four Popular Technologies Used for Diagnostic Imaging at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

To determine if certain conditions exist, medical professionals at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center may need to perform a variety of diagnostic imaging and testing to get a proper evaluation completed. Diagnostic imaging uses many of today’s latest technologies to see into the body where the eye cannot, providing information that is vital for doctors… Read More »

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2019

Which Diagnostic Test is Right? MRI vs. CT Scan

It can be hard to focus and take in all of the important information you need when you’re in the consultation room with your doctor. When you’re injured, your mind is divided in many places. You might be wondering about the cost of the visit, how you can heal best, and the pain you’re experiencing… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2019

| Summit Healthcare | Show Low, AZ

Overcoming Breast Cancer: One Woman’s Story

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Patti Bird found the solutions she needed at Summit Healthcare. PATTI WAS INSTALLING a windshield in a car with her fiancé, Brad Anderson, when she first felt pain. “I was climbing on a trunk and hit my chest, which really hurt,” Patti says. “I thought that maybe I… Read More »

  • Posted on: Dec 31 2018

Diagnostic Imaging Show Low AZ

DXA Scan: Finding your Stats

Though fall is coming, that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to undo all of that progress you’ve made this summer. If you’ve been working hard to exercise and eat better, the temptation to rest, relax, and hide a new belly under a sweater might sound like a good idea. But, you’ll inevitably want to… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2018

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