Four Popular Technologies Used for Diagnostic Imaging at Summit Healthcare

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Four Popular Technologies Used for Diagnostic Imaging at Summit HealthcareTo determine if certain conditions exist, medical professionals at Summit Healthcare may need to perform a variety of diagnostic imaging and testing to get a proper evaluation completed. Diagnostic imaging uses many of today’s latest technologies to see into the body where the eye cannot, providing information that is vital for doctors to make accurate diagnoses and recommend proper treatment.

What methods of diagnostic images are available?

There are many ways in which a doctor may evaluate a patient using technology. Below are some of the more common diagnostic imaging tools used at Summit Healthcare:

  • X-rays – x-rays use gamma rays and other types of radiation to produce an image. X-rays are perfect for diagnosing breaks and fractures of the bone and can also be used to show the structure of the intestines when used along with radio-opaque contrast liquids. This diagnostic tool provides fast results and high-quality images.
  • CT scans – by combining x-rays and computers to create pictures of the bones, organs, and tissues, CT scans can provide better detail and images than a traditional x-ray. These images are often cross-sectional and uses slices of images combined to create a 3D image for an excellent view of bones, organs, and even blood vessels.
  • MRIs – using powerful magnets and radio waves, MRIs can create ideal images without radiation. MRIs are commonly used for creating images of the brain and vital organs as they do not do well in picking up bone images.
  • Ultrasound – ultrasound is best used in showing moving structures and is commonly used in diagnosing pregnancy or evaluating a fetus in the womb. This device emits high frequency sound waves in order to do so, and is perfect for imaging the heart, organs, muscles, arteries, and veins.

Call Summit Healthcare today to learn more about diagnostic imaging

Patients in Northeastern Arizona who need diagnostic imaging are welcome to schedule an appointment at Summit Healthcare. Our team of certified CT and  x-ray technologists provide imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment with 24/7 on call services. Our friendly front office team can be reached at (928) 537-4375 to request a visit at any one of our four convenient locations. We accept new and existing patients into our facility.

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