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Managing Diabetes Today and in the Future


SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS are essential to staying well and slowing the progress of diabetes. Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Learn all you can. Diabetes is a life-long diagnosis for most people. Manage your emotions. Being diagnosed can trigger feelings of guilt, stress, or panic. Build a support system. Your doctors, loved ones, and counselors can help. Make gradual […]

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What to Expect in Physical Therapy

PT Nov

DO YOU KNOW what happens during physical therapy? Physical therapists perform hands-on manipulation of your joints and muscles and teach exercises to help alleviate pain and restore natural movement. They treat people of all ages who have limited ability to perform important activities in their daily lives. While each case is unique, these three fictional case

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Combating Breast Cancer

breast cancer

WHEN IT COMES to battling breast cancer, early detection and proactive solutions are key. Thanks to diagnostic technologies and increased education about finding breast cancer in its earliest stages, healthcare providers and patients are teaming up to find breast cancer when the disease is most responsive to treatment. There are approximately 2.8 million breast cancer survivors

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Men’s Health Month

image prevention

June is Men’s Health Month. A time to reinforce the need for men to be proactive when it comes to their health and take steps to prevent serious medical conditions. While research shows women see a doctor for annual checkups more than men, health professionals want to see that change. According to the Centers for

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Check Your Colon

summit mar16 colonhealth

OKAY, YOU PROBABLY don’t think much about your colon, but you should, and not just because it’s helpful if you intend to eat and digest food. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death due to cancer, but it’s also one of the most preventable types of cancer. Growths inside the colon or rectum

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