Top 10 Reasons To Be Vaccinated

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Vaccinations | Summit Healthcare | Snowflake, AZEach year, thousands of children and adults experience medical conditions that are preventable thanks to modern vaccinations. At Summit Healthcare, we value your family’s health and well-being. Our outpatient clinics offer immunizations for patients of all ages, and here are the top ten reasons why your family should be vaccinated.

#10: Immunizations Keep Your Children Healthy

As a parent, you do everything that you can to ensure your child’s health and happiness. The best way to do this is by administering immunizations as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends.

#9: Vaccinations Prevent Community Outbreaks

Vaccinating your child not only protects your family, but also those in your neighborhood and community. We can often link outbreaks of preventable diseases to children and adults who are current on their vaccinations.

#8: Age Matters

Some children are too young to receive vaccines against preventable diseases, yet they can still contract the disease from adults and children. Vaccinating your child as doctors recommend ensures that the youngest members of your family have protection as well.

#7: Vaccinations Do Not Eliminate Diseases

Vaccinations only prevent your family from getting diseases, but the diseases still exist. There are still cases of measles, whooping cough, and mumps each year.

#6: The World Does Not Control Diseases

Although many preventable diseases are well-controlled in the United States, the same cannot be said about elsewhere in the world. Our area receives thousands of visitors from other countries every year, and they may unknowingly be carrying preventable diseases.

#5: Preventing the Disease Also Prevents Complications

The cost can be high if you or your family need to receive treatment for preventable diseases. Some of the conditions that we receive vaccines for can require extensive surgery to treat or may lead to permanent damage to the brain and other organs.

#4: Vaccines Lower Healthcare Costs

Even with medical insurance, the cost of vaccination is far less expensive and burdensome on your budget than the hospitalizations that patients could need to treat preventable diseases.

#3: Healthcare Providers Across the Country Support Immunizations

The leading healthcare organizations support vaccinations for children and adults. This includes the physicians who see patients every day.

#2: Vaccinations Promote Public Health

Your tax dollars pay for state-level public health efforts. Vaccinating your family ensures that the state allocates those funds appropriately and for efforts that your community needs.

#1: Elderly People are at Higher Risk

Not getting your immunizations as recommended not only places children at risk but also grandparents and other older people that you are close to and want to protect.

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